Best Place To Put Social Media Icons Or Buttons On Blog

Putting social media icons and buttons on your blog may increase social media sharing of your blog posts and articles which will not only  get traffic to your blog but also get higher rankings in search engine results. Also Google has mentioned that social media sharing signals are strong search engine ranking factors. This it’s very important to put social media sharing icons on your blog or website. So in this post I am going to share which are the best places to add social media sharing icons on blog.

Below are 8 useful tips which will tell you which is the best place to put social media sharing icon on your blog because putting these sharing icons in the right place can significantly grow your blog traffic and will increase the number of your blog post shares

1. You can place these social media sharing icons in sidebar either in right or left but most of the blogs are putting these on the right side bar

2. Another great place to put social media sharing icons is just after the blog post gets finished.This is my favorite place and even in my blog I have put these icons after my post gets finished

3. Putting these icons after blog post will definitely increase the number of shares of your blog posts because blog visitors look for more after they finish reading and if they will like your blog post they will share it with their friends

4. I have seen that quite a few blogs use floating sharing icons which flows with your mouse scrolling.  This is a very good way to keep your visitors reminding that you can also share this blog post with your friends if you like.

5. Social Media Icons at the beginning of blog post – I personally don’t like to put these sharing icons at beginning because unless and until the reader has not read your post till the end, they wont know whether they would like to share it or not.

6. Don’t just let your readers go after the end of the article. Ask them “If you like my blog post please share with your friends or with someone who needs help” and just put your social media icons after this sentence. This trick will definitely get you lots of positive results.

7. You don’t have to worry if you are not a graphics designer. There are almost hundreds of website out there which provide these sharing icons for free. You just have to download them and use the code in your theme where you want these icons to display.

8.If you are not familiar with the coding and might be confused about how to use them, then it’s also possible to make use of widgets to display the sharing icons.

So these are some of the best places to put social media sharing icons on your blog. Download some fancy looking icons and start using them right-away!