SEO Link Building Strategies Techniques of 2017

Many bloggers and internet marketer’s believe that link building in 2017 is dead and it doesn’t work as effectively as it had worked in past because Google is keeping an eye on all black hat link building techniques which spammers ( and to be honest most bloggers are using to improve their Google rankings.

Google wants to show the most relevant search results to their visitors and they strictly don’t want any spam websites or blogs ranking in top spot with no true value. So these Google updates make sure that people coming to Google must get relevant results and not crappy sites with rubbish content.

So in this post we will see the best SEO link building strategies, techniques and practices of 2017 which you can use to increase your blog or website rankings and position in SERP’s So let’s start

1) Quality Content

If you will ask 10 best internet marketers and SEO experts then 6 to 8 out of them will say that the best way to build backlinks to your website or blog is to build quality content. Nothing can be placed above this as quality content always earn links from other sites. If you are not focusing to build quality content for your website or blog then you will not be able to attract new backlinks.

I have seen many pro blogger’s like Brian dDan and Neil Patel do this best in terms of writing quality content which in turn rewards them with hundreds of new backlinks from all over the web and that is why their blog posts are ranking so high in search engines.

So the easiest method to get people to link to your blog from their own blogs or websites is to publish great article. Naturally, if you write posts that are attractive and interesting, useful and helpful, people would like to talk regarding those posts on their own blogs also share them with other people. That means additional links to your blog!

2) Submit to Blog Directories

This is also one of the great methods to create quality backlinks for your blog. There are a number of blog directories where you can include a link to your blog such as BlogHer. Some even include a social feature such as BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog, which offer multiple ways to enhance the number of incoming links to your blog just through your registration.

3) Get on Blogrolls

Once you have a good quantity of gripping articles published on your blog, approach other bloggers with the same or more authority than your blog and suggest a blog roll reciprocal link. This works well when both blogs are related to the same topics as well as you develop a relationship with the other blogger by leaving comments on his or her blog previous to suggesting a blog roll link exchange.

4) Write Guest Posts

Guest blogging is an enormous way to not only drive new traffic to your blog but also to amplify the number of incoming links to your blog. This is mostly helpful when you are able to write a guest post on a blog that has a higher authority and niche relevant


Why Strategic Link Building Is Important For Your Website’s Traffic

Online strategic link building will vary from person to person, but one thing we know and that is, your website won’t get the targeted traffic without a good amount of quality back-links to your website.

So, the more high quality backlinks, the more traffic you will receive, providing they are relevant links to your niche.

There’s more to it than just link building, you must include article marketing.

Online link building is just one part of the strategy for attracting more targeted traffic to you website. Writing great articles with relevant keywords is another key factor, you have to choose your keywords wisely then post them to your website.

The idea here is to get better domain authority. Search engines rank the pages on websites and not the website itself. In turn you want to get more targeted traffic, more relevant information about your products or services, and build a huge opt-in list of prospects.

The prime back-links will be when you get your links from a site that has authority, such as Ezine, Hubpages, educational websites, government websites etc.

A Surefire Way Of Getting Back Links

Writing articles plays a huge part in your marketing plan. When writing your articles, you have to make sure you are writing about information that people can learn from and put to use in their daily lives. After you have composed your article, you want to make sure you have included not only your web address but, you want to include the article page address as well, then you can submit them to article directories.

After submitting your articles to the article directory you can ping your articles at pingler.com, ping.com, onlywire.com. You also want to include writing a press release and submit to news venues: these are great ways to build back-links.

Stop Wasting Your Time And Money

Many people say it is easy to get back-links, that’s not always the true, You have to make sure that you are getting relevant links. You could get dozens at a time, but if you are not getting the best relevant links you can get, your traffic will not change, so you wind up with a lot of back- links, but no added targeted traffic, and you will actually see your DA and your traffic decline. You do not want to spend thousands of hours on building back-links and get lower traffic rankings. That happens all the time with marketing  masterminds, and gurus who try to just cast a wide blanket on all sorts of links, that does not work.Do not fall into that trap, and make sure you take your time and make an educated attempt at creating your strategy for long term use. A good long term, well educated plan, can make long standing plans for you. When it comes to backlinks, always remember that quality matters much more than quantity.


Best Place To Put Social Media Icons Or Buttons On Blog

Putting social media icons and buttons on your blog may increase social media sharing of your blog posts and articles which will not only  get traffic to your blog but also get higher rankings in search engine results. Also Google has mentioned that social media sharing signals are strong search engine ranking factors. This it’s very important to put social media sharing icons on your blog or website. So in this post I am going to share which are the best places to add social media sharing icons on blog.

Below are 8 useful tips which will tell you which is the best place to put social media sharing icon on your blog because putting these sharing icons in the right place can significantly grow your blog traffic and will increase the number of your blog post shares

1. You can place these social media sharing icons in sidebar either in right or left but most of the blogs are putting these on the right side bar

2. Another great place to put social media sharing icons is just after the blog post gets finished.This is my favorite place and even in my blog I have put these icons after my post gets finished

3. Putting these icons after blog post will definitely increase the number of shares of your blog posts because blog visitors look for more after they finish reading and if they will like your blog post they will share it with their friends

4. I have seen that quite a few blogs use floating sharing icons which flows with your mouse scrolling.  This is a very good way to keep your visitors reminding that you can also share this blog post with your friends if you like.

5. Social Media Icons at the beginning of blog post – I personally don’t like to put these sharing icons at beginning because unless and until the reader has not read your post till the end, they wont know whether they would like to share it or not.

6. Don’t just let your readers go after the end of the article. Ask them “If you like my blog post please share with your friends or with someone who needs help” and just put your social media icons after this sentence. This trick will definitely get you lots of positive results.

7. You don’t have to worry if you are not a graphics designer. There are almost hundreds of website out there which provide these sharing icons for free. You just have to download them and use the code in your theme where you want these icons to display.

8.If you are not familiar with the coding and might be confused about how to use them, then it’s also possible to make use of widgets to display the sharing icons.

So these are some of the best places to put social media sharing icons on your blog. Download some fancy looking icons and start using them right-away!


7 Tips For Getting Content Ideas For Your Blog

Nowadays, many people are running blogs for either business or personal purposes. However, starting a blog is one thing. Generating quality content on a consistent basis is another. The following are some tips which will help you come up with content ideas for your blog.


The main purpose of a blog is to provide visitors with useful information. Therefore, one of the best ways of coming up with fresh content is to ask your visitors what they want. You could carry out an occasional survey to find out what subjects your visitors would like to see covered on your blog. Such a survey is likely to result in many ideas which can be used for future posts.


Another great way of getting post ideas from readers is through running blog contests. Offer several giveaways or prizes to readers who submit the most interesting and unique ideas. For instance, if you are in the web hosting business, you could offer one month of free hosting to the winners. To get as many ideas as possible, you could spread out the contest over a number of weeks.


If you are running a business blog, you could consider interviewing other respected experts in your industry. Ask them about their journey in business and their perspective on recent developments in the industry, among other subjects. The responses they give to your questions will generate some interesting blog post ideas.

Read Other blogs


If you completely run out of ideas, you could visit other blogs in your field to read what other people have written. Select a few posts, write a brief summary of each, and then add a link which will direct readers to the full posts, like this. However, don’t make the mistake of copying other people’s content.

Take time to write the summary in your own words. Besides providing fresh content for your blog, this tactic will also enable you to build relationships with other blog owners in your niche.

Check Your Stats

To find out how many people are visiting your blog, you need to check your blog statistics frequently. In addition, you will get to know how visitors landed on your blog and what keywords they used. These keywords will show you what people are looking for and give ideas for future blog posts. Check out free tools to track your blog traffic.

Go shopping

If you write product reviews on your blog, you can get fresh ideas by window shopping. Visit online stores such as Amazon.com and find out what are latest products being offered. You could then select some of the most popular products on sale and write product reviews on them.

Read Old Posts

Your blog archives give you an opportunity to look at your old posts and reflect on your past patterns of thinking. As you look back, you might realize that you no longer agree with something you wrote about previously. Therefore, going through your old posts can generate great ideas for new content. You could write a new post which elaborates your new opinion. Easiest way to increase your blog  traffic is through internally linking to old posts.