My Top 2 WordPress Plugins Of 2017

There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins in WordPress repository but to make it easier for you and save your precious time I am going to list my top 2 WordPress plugins of 2017 which has definitely made my life easier.

Plugins add lots of functionality to your WordPress blogs and allow you to do literally. Just a quick search in WordPress.org website will show you many plugins which will help you to accomplish your desired task.

But remember one thing it’s not wise to install as many plugins on your blog because this increases your blog loading speed and will make your WordPress blog slower. This is the reason why I am sharing the only 2 plugins which are most important to me. So don’t go overboard by installing all the unnecessary plugins and make your blog load slower in the browser.

Below are the benefits of using WordPress plugins :

You can make your blog load faster. You can SEO optimize your WordPress blog. You can add different scripts to your blog.You can put Google adsense on your WordPress blog.You can make Photo gallery. You can make Youtube video gallery. You can Backup your WordPress Blog. You can install Social sharing buttons on your blog. You can stop spam comments. This list can go on and on and this is why WordPress plugins are so important and useful.

Note that some plugins are free and some are paid but I will try my level best to list all the plugins which are worth to pay for in this list for you. Remember that if you want to make a successful blog then you must invest on your blog and this applies to any business you will do in future.

 Optin Monster :

Optin Monster is the most important plugin that you must have if you want to increase your email subscribers and grow your email list. It is a paid plugin and many top bloggers are using this plugin to grow their blog email subscribers. You must have seen those fancy pop-ups on many popular blogs and they are all using the popular Optin Monster plugin. It is developed by the WordPress expert himself Said Balkhi and I am sure that you must have visited his blog if you are in the blogging niche.

SEO By Yoast :

This is the number 1 SEO plugin right now in the WordPress repository and it’s free to download even though they have the paid version also. But there is no need to buy unless you want to. The free version does the beautiful job and I am using this plugin to SEO optimize all my WordPress blogs. It is currently having more than 1+ million active installs just because it is the best SEO plugin right now. This plugin is developed by Joost de Valk who himself is an SEO expert. When you will install this plugin you can SEO optimize your blog posts at the time of writing itself.

Which plugins you find most important and what plugins are you using right now on your blog?


Why Strategic Link Building Is Important For Your Website’s Traffic

Online strategic link building will vary from person to person, but one thing we know and that is, your website won’t get the targeted traffic without a good amount of quality back-links to your website.

So, the more high quality backlinks, the more traffic you will receive, providing they are relevant links to your niche.

There’s more to it than just link building, you must include article marketing.

Online link building is just one part of the strategy for attracting more targeted traffic to you website. Writing great articles with relevant keywords is another key factor, you have to choose your keywords wisely then post them to your website.

The idea here is to get better domain authority. Search engines rank the pages on websites and not the website itself. In turn you want to get more targeted traffic, more relevant information about your products or services, and build a huge opt-in list of prospects.

The prime back-links will be when you get your links from a site that has authority, such as Ezine, Hubpages, educational websites, government websites etc.

A Surefire Way Of Getting Back Links

Writing articles plays a huge part in your marketing plan. When writing your articles, you have to make sure you are writing about information that people can learn from and put to use in their daily lives. After you have composed your article, you want to make sure you have included not only your web address but, you want to include the article page address as well, then you can submit them to article directories.

After submitting your articles to the article directory you can ping your articles at pingler.com, ping.com, onlywire.com. You also want to include writing a press release and submit to news venues: these are great ways to build back-links.

Stop Wasting Your Time And Money

Many people say it is easy to get back-links, that’s not always the true, You have to make sure that you are getting relevant links. You could get dozens at a time, but if you are not getting the best relevant links you can get, your traffic will not change, so you wind up with a lot of back- links, but no added targeted traffic, and you will actually see your DA and your traffic decline. You do not want to spend thousands of hours on building back-links and get lower traffic rankings. That happens all the time with marketing  masterminds, and gurus who try to just cast a wide blanket on all sorts of links, that does not work.Do not fall into that trap, and make sure you take your time and make an educated attempt at creating your strategy for long term use. A good long term, well educated plan, can make long standing plans for you. When it comes to backlinks, always remember that quality matters much more than quantity.